We are based inĀ Milton Keynes and Barnet
and are under the veterinary supervision of Mr. J. F. Staton, MRCVS

Can you offer a good home to a cat ?

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What we do

The thousands of abandoned and stray animals wandering Britain every year are a national disgrace. Although the large animal welfare organisations do everything they can to help, many problems remain.

This is why we founded Animal Action in June 1977 as a small, local, welfare group. Working under the supervision of a qualified veterinary surgeon, we rescue, foster, neuter (where appropriate) and find homes for abandoned and stray cats and kittens both in our area and further afield.

How you can help

To pay for food, veterinary treatment and the homing of these unwanted animals, we urgently need your help. No matter how carefully we budget, the problem is so large that outgoings always outweigh income. Even so, we have to carry on this work – which is why we need your support.

  • No gift, donation or charitable contribution is too small!!

How to make a donation

  • Jumble and saleable items always needed
  • Good homes for cats always wanted