Animals in our care


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This is beautiful Bubble.  She is about one year old and has been spayed and chipped.  Bubble came into care pregnant and delivered two beautiful babies that have now been homed.   Owing to her quiet, sweet and gentle nature, we feel that Bubble would prefer an adult only household where she can come into her own.  She is not particularly keen on other cats and definitely not dogs.

As a general rule, she loves being indoors so if you are looking for a really homely little mog, she could be just the girl for you.



Say hi to Felix – a very healthy and happy-looking 10 year old neutered, chipped tuxedo black and white boy, who has also been vaccinated.  A good all-rounder, Felix is loving and fine with older children.  Not tested with other cats but definitely not keen on dogs !  Felix has recently been re-vaccinated and vet-checked.

Felix has taken a dislike to living in the new home that his owners have moved to with him and is showing this by wandering off for long periods.  His concerned owners are now extremely worried that he will be injured or permanently lost on his travels so Felix needs somewhere new to call home as soon as possible please.  It is a distinct possibility that the move to the new house coupled with the arrival of a new baby some months’ ago have contributed to this behavioural change.


Theo is a lovely jet black boy who is really quite small for a lad.  Shy to start with, Theo is 2 years’ old and has been neutered, chipped and vaccinated.  We believe Theo would like a quiet home with no small children or other animals if he is to really shine.

As Theo is being cared for by my colleague, Di, please call her in the first instance on 07540-552582 if you are interested in him.


This is one very handsome boy !!  Neutered, vaccinated and chipped, Binx is around 3 years’ old and finds himself in need of a new home as he is very much his own man and would prefer an adult household where he can chill out.  A very loving cat, Binx combines his need for affection with a regular routine of being out and about on his patch when he is not lounging indoors.  He is used to being in at night for safe keeping and would be fine with older children.

Binx has not been tested with other cats or dogs.



Say hello to Jessie and Garfield.  Both cats are around 5 years’ old and have been neutered, chipped and vaccinated.    Although they lived together, they are very different and we don’t think they would mind at all if they were separated.

Whilst both cats have been indoor moggies, we think that Garfield might like to eventually be allowed to explore outside from time to time but Jessie as a more timid individual quite likes the current arrangement of being an indoor girl.  With friendly temperaments, these two will make a couple of lovely companions………..or single ones!

As they are being cared for by my colleague, Di, please call her in the first instance on 07540-552582 if you are interested in either of them.


Whitey is absolutely beautiful.  Very handsome young adult who has been neutered.  Whitey has been living outside pretty much all his life we think.  A kind lady has been feeding him but she has cats already and the situation is not ideal so he has come into our care to look for a permanent home.  Whitey would let his lady fuss him and pick him up and currently he loves to lounge in his cat run on a heat pad unless the sunshine is really warm when he can be found curled up in the sunniest corner of his pen !!    Whilst he is a very independent boy Whitey would like a proper home where he can be himself.  He is fine with other cats but would probably prefer an adult only household.

If you think this relationship could work for you, please call Di on 07540-552582



Do you have a smallholding, stables or any other safe, warm environment where you think one or two feral or semi-feral cats might be happy???  Provided you are happy to supply your feral with food and any necessary veterinary treatment, it will help to keep your space vermin-free as repayment.