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When we went to pick up this little family of girls, we could not believe how like peas in a pod they were.  Mum and her three daughters from the same litter.  Utterly charming and very oriental-looking.  Definitely some Siamese or exotic in there somewhere!!  Apart from the time that Mum went out and became pregnant all those months’ ago, none of these little cats have been outside.  They have all lived together in one room and it was hard to decide how to pair them as we cannot entertain splitting them up completely.  Because of this, they will need to kept inside for longer than we would normally recommend as the outside is a whole new concept to them.

Very friendly once they know you, all the girls are a little reserved at first meeting and very typical of the exotic temperament.   We have no knowledge of how they will be dogs or toddlers but don’t see any problem with other cats or older children.  Let us meet them:


Mum (Midnight) is predominantly black with a little patch on her chest.  She is 16 months’ old and had her babies when she was just 7 months’ old.  She is pictured here with the daughter to whom she is most attached – Harley (short for Harlequin).  Harley is 9 months’ old.  Both have been spayed and chipped.  They play beautifully together and are gentle, unassuming cats who have so much to give to the right people.


The other two daughters are called Rose and Wanda.  Rose has a small white moustache which lends her a comical air.  Wanda has a deep white chest.  She enjoys water fights with her sister using the contents of her water bowl as ammunition and is very funny to watch.  They play hard together and are full of fun but let you know when they have had enough.  Obviously these two are also 9 months’ old and have been spayed and chipped.  Very much character cats, you will know that you have these two !!




Sorry that the picture shows more blanket than cat but Jessie is absolutely terrified of everything at the moment.  Again, she is new to the Rescue and needs a bit of down time to adjust to this big change in her life.  Spayed, chipped and vaccinated, we think Jessie needs to be the only animal in a quiet household please where she can shine as she should.

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Do you have a smallholding, stables or any other safe, warm environment where you think one or two feral or semi-feral cats might be happy???  Provided you are happy to supply your feral with food and any necessary veterinary treatment, it will help to keep your space vermin-free as repayment..

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