Animals in our care

Accurate at 19.3.19



Hi to Oreo.  This handsome 2 year white and black boy has been neutered and chipped and is very comfortable with children.    Sadly, despite having been brought up from a kitten with two cat-friendly dogs, Oreo just cannot live with them so no dogs please.  He has never been outside but we are certain he will want to once he is away from the dogs.  Cannot say how he will be with other cats as he has not met any.   He will make a super pet.  No known vices at all.

PLEASE CALL SUE ON 01908-375485 if you would like to know more about Oreo.






Meet stunning 11 year old Fleur, who lost a back leg as a kitten. This genteel lady is seeking her home as a single pet where she will be the centre of attention. She loves strokes and cuddles and her teddy which will come with her.

PLEASE CALL DI ON 07540-552582.





Meet Mia, a typical tortie. 5 years old, she is adaptable for the right home and loves a bed to sleep on. She likes to potter in the sun but won’t stray far

PLEASE CALL DI ON 07540-552582.            12.3.19  MIA HAS BEEN RESERVED

Jess is a young adult tom who has spent some time outdoors. He likes other cats but would prefer to be in a home with adults with space to roam. He is very affectionate and would make a lovely pet

PLEASE CALL DI ON 07540-552582.




Whitey – Whitey is absolutely beautiful. Very handsome young adult who has been neutered. Whitey has been living outside pretty much all his life we believe. A kind lady was feeding him and Whitey would let her fuss him. He currently loves to lounge on a heat pad unless the sunshine is really warm when he can be found curled up in the sunniest corner of the run where he lives with other cats. Whilst he is a very independent boy Whitey would like a forever home where he can be himself. He is fine with other cats but would probably prefer an adult only household

PLEASE CALL DI ON 07540-552582.



Do you have a smallholding, stables or any other safe, warm environment where you think one or two feral or semi-feral cats might be happy???  Provided you are happy to supply your feral with food and any necessary veterinary treatment, it will help to keep your space vermin-free as repayment..

PLEASE CALL DI ON 07540-552582