Animals in our care

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This is Toffee – who has been in our care for nearly a year as she is an older lady.  Spayed, vaccinated and chipped, Toffee is a lovely, independent character who loves a fuss but not all the time!!

Toffee definitely wants to be the only animal in the home please and would prefer an adult-only household or one with older children.


Teddy and Bear are litter brothers who have found themselves in need of a new home at the grand age of 12 years.  Neutered, chipped and vaccinated, these boys are perfect gentlemen who live for cuddles and attention.  Teddy is a rich coloured brown short-haired tabby and brother Bear is a fine, long-haired lad who has just the one eye.   They have been vet-checked and just need to get their feet under someone’s table as soon as possible please.





Whitey is absolutely beautiful.  Very handsome young adult who has been neutered.  Whitey has been living outside pretty much all his life we think.  A kind lady has been feeding him but she has cats already and the situation is not ideal so he has come into our care to look for a permanent home.  Whitey would let his lady fuss him and pick him up and maybe one day he will allow a new person to do the same but in the meantime, he is completely feral and really needs a home where he can live outside until such time as he ever thinks it might be a good idea to live indoors ….

He needs to be assured of food, shelter and warmth in the winter but apart from that, he will be fine on his own, outside.  If you think this relationship could work for you, please call Di on 07540-552582.



Say hello to lovely Lola.  We rarely come across genuine cases where an owner has to part with a much-loved pet but this is just such an occasion and we are more than happy to assist Lola’s doting owner to find her a new, permanent home.  Lola is a tabby tortoiseshell and has been neutered, vaccinated and chipped.  Her owner’s description of her is detailed below:

  • She is an independent but companionable cat
  • She almost always comes when whistled, and doesn’t wander far.
  • She likes routine and probably would prefer to be an only pet
  • She drinks water from a running tap, usually the bath in the morning or from a water butt outside
  • She is very curious about doors and drawers and will go into anything – except a basket when you want her to!
  • She has had almost all her teeth out and is now a fit cat with everything up to date.

If you think Lola is the girl for you, please call 07540-552582 and my colleague will put you in touch with Lola and her owner.


Millie is a little diamond – she is such a poppet. Her colouring is equal distribution of tabby and white.  She is adult and has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  A great talker and very friendly, she will be a charming companion but no other animals please as she needs to have you all to herself.  We don’t envisage any problem with cat-friendly, older children.  Millie is around 6-7 years’ old and has been spayed, chipped and vaccinated.


This is Sheba who has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  She is living with other cats at the moment and all is well but we think she would be just as happy as an only pet.  Don’t see a problem with a family with older children.

A healthy, happy 9 year old who needs a sunny window ledge, a filled bowl of food and you !!!



Meet brother and sister Dolly and Crunchie.  Born in a garden and having lived rough for the first six months of their lives, they are a challenge to say the least.  There is no malice in them at all; they are just terrified of their own shadows.  We are making good progress but even after nearly 3 months in our care, I can only just stroke Crunchie (ginger) when he is eating as they both seem to associate any forward movement of your hand with fear.  They are very clean and use their litter trays always.

They could go and live in a stable or a similar outside environment but they are used to warm beds and are always curious when I am walking around so I really do think they will come round in the end but be under no illusion, this could take many months or even a couple of years so they really are a long term project for a really committed person.

They are both neutered, chipped and vaccinated and must be homed together.  Neither one has ever attempted to scratch or bite.  Please think very seriously about this before contacting us as the last thing they need is to go to a home and then have to come back into care.



Do you have a smallholding, stables or any other safe, warm environment where you think one or two feral or semi-feral cats might be happy???  Provided you are happy to supply your feral with food and any necessary veterinary treatment, it will help to keep your space vermin-free as repayment.