Animals in our care

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Caramel is a beautiful one year cross bred Apricot British shorthair who had a troubled kittenhood which has left her in need of a very experienced new owner.  Preferably someone with another cat to help her behaviourally, you will need to be aware of the varied needs of cats particularly those with a semi-pedigree background.  With the right people Caramel will be a very rewarding and loving little companion.  She has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped and is a proper, petite little lady.

Please call Sue on 0198-375485

Solo has spent at least the past 8 years of her life living outside in a garden in North London.  She is a completely tame and delightful fluffy black and white lady who is around 10 years’ old but may be a little more or less.   As she has not had kittens since adopting an older lady as her owner, we assume that she was once loved and spayed by someone.  Her rescuer fed her well and ensured she always had a warm box in an outhouse but as she had severe asthma, there was no question of Solo coming indoors, however much she scratched at the door.  She has now been microchipped and vet-checked.

The lady who took her in 8 years’ ago has now passed away and Solo is on the move again – hopefully for the last time.

Because she has lived outside for so long, she we feel she will always want to be able to potter about in the fresh air so will need to have access to a garden once she has enjoyed the initial luxury of a warm home of her own.

A very deserving little feline, if you think she might be for you, please call Sue on 01908-375485.




Suki and Pebbles are a delightful pair of black and white lookalikes !!  The one with the black beauty spot beside her nose is Pebbles and Suki is her litter sister.  Together from birth, these two charming, friendly girls need a home together.  They are 3 years’ old and have been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.  Although they have lived with a dog, we think they would prefer a cat only household and probably with adults and older children rather than toddlers.

Interested?  Please call Sue on 01908-375485



Socks and Pants are 18 year old litter sisters who find themselves in need of another home at this most vulnerable time in their lives.  Spayed, vaccinated and chipped, these two friendly, chatty and lively ladies are very sweet and have been pronounced in remarkable health after a recent vet-check.

Needing a home together, Socks and Pants need an adult only household where they can potter in and out of doors with you.

Please call Di on 07540-552582


Meet Rosie, a beautiful Tortoiseshell, who is about to turn 12. A gentle and timid girl, she would benefit from a quiet household, although she does get on with other cats. Affectionate and sweet natured, she would be a perfect companion.  Rosie has been spayed, chipped and vaccinated.


Please call Di on 07540-552582


      Pinky is a lovely girl about 7 years’ old and has spent her life with an older lady who has sadly passed away.   The lady’s grand-daughter kindly took her in but as the cat is not happy with small children, this really is not working out well and a new home must be found for her.  A gentle, quiet girl who just needs someone to love, Pinky is timid but fine when she comes out of her shell.  Please call Sue on 01908-375485 if you think she could be for you.  As Pinky lives in Loudwater in Buckinghamshire, you will need to be able to get there to view her as we are trying to direct re-home her from her current home to minimise the upheaval for her…………

Please call Sue on 01908-375485


8 year old Russian blue cat, Milly Mae has long term medical conditions, needing twice daily medication.  She is sweet and affectionate.

If you could be interested in giving Millie Mae a home, please call Di on 07540-552582





Seven year old Keeko is a dear little girl. Timid and gentle, she would need a quiet household with an enclosed garden for her new forever home


If you could be interested in giving Keeko a home, please call Di on 07540-552582





Meet 12 year old Fleur. An affectionate cat, she likes to stay close to her humans and likes a good lap nap. She is fine with families and other cats. Fleur will need a very special home as she has diabetes and needs regular injections. Her humans will need to be confident and competent in managing her medication and monitor her wellbeing closely.

Please call Di on 07540-552582



KitKat came to us with Mallory. She is a young adult who is very shy. Mallory has health problems meaning she will remain with us. However, since they have been apart, KitKat has begun to blossom. She would like a quiet home; she can tolerate other gentle cats. KitKat has a blocked tear duct and needs a little eye care but no health problems or concerns.  KitKat has been spayed, chipped and vaccinated.

If KitKat could be the girl for you, please call Di on 07540-552582.




Whitey – Whitey is absolutely beautiful. Very handsome young adult who has been neutered. Whitey has been living outside pretty much all his life we believe. A kind lady was feeding him and Whitey would let her fuss him. He currently loves to lounge on a heat pad unless the sunshine is really warm when he can be found curled up in the sunniest corner of the run where he lives with other cats. Whilst he is a very independent boy Whitey would like a forever home where he can be himself. He is fine with other cats but would probably prefer an adult only household

PLEASE CALL DI ON 07540-552582.



Do you have a smallholding, stables or any other safe, warm environment where you think one or two feral or semi-feral cats might be happy???  Provided you are happy to supply your feral with food and any necessary veterinary treatment, it will help to keep your space vermin-free as repayment..

PLEASE CALL DI ON 07540-552582